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Double Exposure Blackjack Online

An easy variant of blackjack is double exposure. This game can be learned in a couple of minutes and is fun to play. The game is played with the dealer's cards exposed or as it is called in blackjack terms "face-up". Double exposure blackjack online has now been introduced which helps to encourage newcomers to blackjack.The rules for double exposure blackjack online remain the same as observed in regular blackjack except for a few modifications that have been brought in to increase the difficulty level to competitive standards. The most important of these modifications in double exposure blackjack online are that the cards of the dealer are exposed; all ties are won by the dealer excepting the case of a blackjack tie; Splitting of a pair is allowed only once; the player will be given an opportunity to double down only on 9, 10, 11.

The modifications that will be helpful for the player in double exposure blackjack online are that any two cards can be split by the player; doubling after a split is allowed for a player; splitting more than once is allowed for a player; the dealer is always on soft 17; the player wins if the blackjack is tied.The player stands to lose in case of a tie otherwise. Therefore, a player must hit whenever he sees the dealer having 17-21 because otherwise he stands to lose.Double exposure blackjack online counterbalances its showing both the dealers cards by giving the dealer a win in every tie. The strategy for this game thus differs a little from that of regular blackjack.

Double exposure blackjack online is thus a good start for those who are beginners to playing blackjack. Read ups are available on the internet which teach novices to help master this basic game before they move on the more difficult version of the game. Visit internet casinos using the greatest bonus offers! Make use of the guide! Visit the casino en ligne page for additional info!