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Though many of us would have come across the various internet based payment options when it comes to settling online casino payments, very few of us may have come across payment options that could be activated with the help of the mobile phone, look for good casino sites at The first step towards this direction was taken by a company known as iPoint which started offering casino payment options using the mobile phones. The operation was put into effect from October 2002 and since then it has grown steadily. Today there are a number of online casinos joints who have come to be known as ipoint casinos. This means that such casinos have start accepting ipoint as a method of payment as far as players are concerned. Players also find a lot of benefit switching over to such ipoint casinos because they can make payments just by using the mobiles phones and by clicking a few buttons for some Poker tips. However since this is new concept, it would be better to understand how payments can be made to such ipoint casinos. Let us find out more about this over the next few lines.

The whole concept if ipoint payment is quite simple with good poker skills. All that a player has to do is to purchase a credit to their account by making a phone call. There is no need for any hardware to have this payment method activated. The only requirement is that the customers should activate their international calling options and make a call to this service provider and request for a credit refill telephonically. Once this is done, within a matter of minutes, the credit appears in your mobile phone. This enables the players to access their ipoint casinos and make payments based on the credit limits available in their ipoint phone account.

This is a very safe and secure method of payment and the best advantage with this type of payment option is that there is no need to share banking and other personal information on the internet and gamble at 21 Grand casino. Hence, the demand for ipoint casinos is bound to go up in the near future as more and more players understand the benefit of this payment option.